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Getting Personal with Personal Touch App

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While we have all felt the detrimental effects of the quarantine burning a hole in our pockets, we have also witnessed some amazing platforms popping up as the world has turned remote.

At Personal Touch, we thought, how do we get these small businesses going out of business to stay open? And how do we spread information to the public about financial help? Once the governmental and federal aids ran out and were depleted where would small businesses get funding.

The challenge of asking for help is often the first step. Where do you even start, where do you even go to ask, and who? We have always found that the classic formula, writing out a proposal and sending a million copies to every angel investor in town may get some nods in your direction, but how is it really helping?

Why Personal Touch App is Different?

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Raising capital is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business. No one likes to ask for money, especially when rejection dangles around every corner. Personal Touch app takes away the awkwardness of asking for money and gives business owners back their strength. Raising capital for company projects should be about showing the work and getting the recognition you deserve, along with a few donations to help you to your small business goals.

Empathy Payment Conversion

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With the Personal Touch App, sending and receiving payments from organizations, investors, and family is easier than swiping right. With fun 30 day challenges and incentive programs, the video requests gain followings as you send them or receive them across the platform. It’s no longer about an email or phone call that gets you nowhere, the personal touch allows small business owners to share their story in a bite-size moment.

Putting a Face to the Name

There is a reason Instagram stories, Snapchat, and Tinder are all widely used. Attention spans are short, we all crave a story within a second, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine how many words a small video is worth. We encourage users to put their face to their brand by sending video requests and showing their story.

Helping Small Businesses

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When Personal Touch first started, it was about helping family and friends. We soon realized that treating businesses like family was what we were missing. A lot of start-ups take devotion and nurturing, and during that time small businesses rarely make a profit, let alone break even. We built personal touch on the grounds of helping small businesses through the conversion of empathy into payments.

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